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 Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden (PSX)

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden (PSX)   29/9/2007, 10:37

People thought that Super Robot War F would be the finale to the long running saga of heroic robots fighting evil monsters.I am happy this was not so as i have been a fan of the saga since the first Super Robot War appeared and have since played every sequel there has been.Banpresto presents the ''Super Robot Wars Alpha''.The finest of the Super Robot Wars.

The Super Robot Wars Alpha is a simulation game where you pit your favourite anime robots against villains from different robot anime series.Basically, you and your chosen character will play a fictious storyline from a famous anime.You will control all the decisions your character makes during gameplay.Good decisions will often open up new routes to take while others will make later stages more difficult to complete.You also have the option to customize the equipment your robot force use to destroy alien monsters and villains.And the ability to use magic will make your force all the more formidable.This game is a definite must buy.And the new leadership system will gauge your ability and reward you with appropriate rewards.Also when you start, the birthday you input will decide your magic plus a special ability which can be from higher attack prowess to auto heal.

Introduction FMV :
I would have given it a perfect 10 if the vocal was a bit better.For a high budget production the vocal was very poor.And the beginning part where the english lyric starts is nearly incomprehensible and i thought at first it was just noise.I think the music from Macross VFX2 would be a better choice.Also if anyone were to observe carefully, i do not think the music fits with the intro screen as some of the high beats were during ordinary scenes and ordinary ones during high impact scenes.But the 3D and black/white effects make up for most the errors as one can actually feel the robots move in 3D and the enhanced graphics made me feel as if the robot would just pop out.The Super Robot War Alpha FMV is vastly more superior then the FMV intro in Super Robot War Alpha.The Alpha FMV was actually like watching a movie.Great work overall.

Characters :
Some old characters have made a comeback while others have gone.Those that are gone are those from the Mobile Fighter S Gundam series, L-Gaim and a few other series as their stories have already been concluded in previous prequels.The ones still remaining are the robots from Neon Genesis Evangellion, Getter Robo, Aura Battler Dunbine, Mobile Suit Gundam, Gunbuster, Metal Beast Dancougar, etc.The ones coming back are Combattler V and others.Also there are a few new ones such as Giant Robo and the world famous ''Super Dimensional Fortress Macross'' which will be an integral part to the overall plot. .

Gameplay :
Gameplay is relatively unchanged.The options are as clear as day and well arranged.Only that they are now in menu form and not in the standard side bar format.It may be a bit disconcerting to players who have no experience with the japanese language but a little bit of experimenting will reveal the use of the option quite easily.Also the japanese used has been simplified for beginners to the japanese language and difficult words are in english.The fact that the game is no longer in 2D is a great improvement to the game system.No longer head icons, somehow the programmers managed to put 3D deformed versions of each robot and they are not the standard blue colour either.They are painted as they were in the anime.The controls have also reamained virtually unchanged as well as the options screen which contains many multimedia information and soundtracks to the anime robots in Super Robot War Alpha.Good for Banpresto.

Sounds :
When you compare the differences in sound between Super Robot War F and Super Robot War Alpha, you will notice that Super Robot War F is more midi-like.You can hear the monotone beat used and the midi instruments were limited to say the least.There are no differences in rythm or beat.Super Robot Alpha promises high-fidelity sounds that are crisp and realistic.You can already detect the difference in the musical soundtrack from each robot anime.The timing used to control the sound flow gives the effect of high and low beats as well as rythm.You can swear it is from the anime itself only that the voices have been removed.The sounds are crystal digital quality so you may want a stereo system with surround sound when you play this game.

Graphics :
The standard SRW console and icons have been removed and replaced with its millenium version of a techno age.You will see neon lights, great color, facial expressions that have been redone to reflect the character`s real look from the anime he or she comes from.Although deformed, you can clearly see each detail of each robot.Also the with introduction of the mood system, you can actually look foward to different facial expressions from each character.Each option will seemingly seem to glow.A great miracle for a single CD game.Definitely the ability of the Sony Playstation has been stressed to its limits as a gaming platform.

Explosions :
The entire concept of explosions have been redone and touched up.Instead of one big bang, there is first a build up and then flames and smoke will appear and realistically simulate an explosion.The enhanced sound effects also makes explosions realistic.If you notice, the explosion takes its time to produce smoke and fire before exploding into bits. The whole explosion follows a new timing system so if you blew something up, you can actually see it burn before exploding.

Weapons :
Now weapons have been given a really big boost.Instead of a few weapons from each robot, this time all the particular weapons of a given robot is in the game and to replace the standard robot-pose-weapon appear-weapon fire system is the all new real system.You can actually see the robot go through the motions of using a given system and no two motions are alike.Also each motion is derived from the anime version of the robots so expect a lot fantastic graphics and motion when you use the special weapons of each robot.

Voices :
This time, all the characters have voices.From the lowest enemy to the most famous of characters, their voices have been redone and touched up by vocal artists right from the anime the robots were in.In other words, this time instead of just words appearing, the characters can speak at key moments and also during battle, the correct mood and strength is created when the characters shout battlecries when they use weapons.And this time, they have a different battle cry for each weapon used depending on which character is used.I wonder if the vocal artists got any sleepfor there are lots and lots of vocal scenes required in Super Robot War Alpha.

Dung lượng 385MB

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Part 2
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Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden (PSX)
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