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 Resident Evil :Survivor

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Resident Evil :Survivor   29/9/2007, 10:38

Survivor is a first-person perspective shooting game that takes players into a world not unlike Raccoon City, but a world altogether different. The premise is shown to you in the opening movie -- you've temporarily lost your memory, you have just crashed your helicopter in a strange place, and all you have is a single gun. From that point, during the rest of the game you get to piece together the Current Event puzzle to get to the bottom of things.

The story isn't half-bad, but don't make a mistake about it -- this is not the stuff that the other games are made of. Survivor takes place just after Resident Evil 3 (so Raccoon City is kaplooey), and it tells a whole new tale of how Umbrella continues to test its biohazard-style genetic experiments on the people from another small, no-name town. This one involves cutting open victims' brains while they are alive to get a certain seratonin or something with lots of syllables. Nice and gooey. I did eventually find out who "Vincent" was, and what happens, and the game actually creates an atmosphere and a need to find out what happened in the end. Cheesy as it was, I wanted to know what happens in the end.

What happens with Resident Evil Survivor is that none of the great production values of the first three went into this version. Instead of gorgeous prerendered backgrounds and amazing creature models and kooky but sometimes awesome puzzles, players get the dummy version. In fact, you could say that Survivor is the "idiots" version of the series. It's a weird hybrid light-gun/spook game with Resident Evil tension and fear, but without the light-gun.


Dung lượng 151MB



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Resident Evil :Survivor
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