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 Cheat Engine version 5.3

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Web Master

Tổng số bài gửi : 1450
Age : 26
Đến Từ : KingDom Heart
Registration date : 19/09/2007

Bài gửiTiêu đề: Cheat Engine version 5.3   3/10/2007, 14:35

Cheat Engine version 5.3

# Made multiple bytes selectable in the hexview
# Save userdefined symbols added by the user, to the table
# Added ctrl+A key to select all text in the auto assembler
# Added recalculate base address in structure definer (only for level1)
# Added scroll support to main cheat list
# Added plugin dll's to several sections (for those that are too lame to send me a dll to add to the ce package)
# Added a special window for pasting cheat entries which includes easy modifying the offset and description
# Added information popup when a scan finds more than the max ammount of addresses the first time
# Added edit hotkey (ctrl+e) using the same window as paste
# Implemented use of kernel VirtualAllocEx
# Integrated pointer scan in main
# Rewrote pointerscan, it's faster and more accurate now
# Increased speed of next scan routines
# implemented a lower level openprocess instead of calling ZwOpenProcess
# Added search for assembler option
# Added symbol handling including kernel symbols
# Added scan option: "Same as first scan"
# Added exact value hotkey scans
# Added a driverlist
# Added step 7 to the tutorial: code injection
# Added step 8 to the tutorial: advanced pointers
# Added quti messages on the tutorial
# Added ability to set symbol searchpath
# Added 3 new functions to the auto assembler: define, loadbinary and include
# Driver now uses a driver.dat file to configure itself (no problem if it's missing though)

PHP Code:

DL : PHP Code:

Cheat Engine là 1 chưong trình hax giống Art Money nhưng theo mình thì nó mạnh hơn chỗ có thể đọc được script của address và can thiệp vào dữ liệu của hex. Bác nào pro hax được game online luôn



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Cheat Engine version 5.3
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