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 Megaman X7 English PC

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Mega Man X7 marks the series' first entry on the PlayStation 2, the PC Version release after 1 year, and as if to commemorate this, it's been given a pretty severe graphical overhaul, bringing the game into 3D, and it includes a few new gameplay bells and whistles. When Mega Man X7 sticks to its old-school roots, it can be pretty enjoyable, if a bit predictable. But when it ventures into new territory and starts tinkering with the tried-and-true Mega Man formula, things start to go wrong.

Code: rmx7.part01.rar rmx7.part02.rar rmx7.part03.rar rmx7.part04.rar rmx7.part05.rar rmx7.part06.rar rmx7.part07.rar


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Megaman X7 English PC
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